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Zing Zing

About Zing Zing

Zing Zing is as high-quality wok fresh Chinese takeout using clean ingredients with no MSG's.

Zing Zing

ZZ Green

Introducing ZZ Green, our new exclusively vegan & vegetarian menu.

We wanted to create a dedicated veggie & vegan menu, and we wanted to make sure we did it very well. We didn't want to replicate our current dishes, we wanted to create something special that would wow vegan & vegetarians and appeal to carnivores!

ZZ Green is flavoursome, interesting and indulgent. We believe we have created the best vegetarian & vegan Chinese menu in the world. #ZZGREEN

Zing Zing

Your favourites, done right.

Our menu is jam packed with a blend of familiar Chinese takeout dishes, and a few of our own creations. Everything on the menu is super fresh and cooked with fresh ingredients with a modern twist.  

Zing Zing's major philosophy is that wok cooked dishes are made best with good quality ingredients, and no added chemicals. 

Zing Zing

Packaging: gotta keep it hot

Our brand new packaging is guaranteed to keep your food hot & leak free. All our food is cooked to order, heat sealed & delivered super quick. Heat sealing keeps the food air tight, not allowing any heat or sauce to escape.